Impressive Designer Clothing Apparels!

The costume designer is responsible for all the clothing and costumes worn by the cast. They design and plan construction of the garments down to the fabric, colours, and sizes.

The costume supervisor works closely with the designer to supervise the creation or sourcing of garments, hiring of support staff, budget, paperwork, and department logistics.

The costume standby is present on set at all times to monitor the quality and continuity of the actors and actresses costumes before and during takes. They also assist the cast with dressing.


An art finisher may be employed during pre-production to “break down” garments. This specialised job includes making new clothing appear dirty, faded and worn.


On large productions a buyer may be employed to source and purchase fabrics and garments.

A costume technician who fits or tailors costumes, usually on-set. They can also be called seamstresses or tailors.

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