Post Production - Sound/ Music

Sound effects that transform the dialogues!

This is a trained musical professional who assigns instruments to an orchestra or other musical ensemble from a piece of music written by a composer, or who adapts music composed for another medium for an orchestra.

The composer is responsible for writing the musical score for a film.

Responsible for assembling and editing all dialogue in the soundtrack.

Creates and records many of the sound effects for a film.

Works with the composer, mixers and editors to create and integrate the film’s music. Negotiates licensing of the necessary rights for all source music used in a film.

Balances the sounds prepared by the dialogue, music and effects editors.

The scoring mixer is the liaison between the composer and the scoring stage crew, making sure that any prerecorded elements of a score that need to be heard at a scoring session are delivered and communicating any special requirements for the physical setup of the orchestra or ensemble being recorded.

In charge of the post-production sound of a movie.

Responsible for assembling and editing all sound effects in the soundtrack.

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