From casting director to unit publicist to caterers, find the team you need!

Catering is provided by specialist companies who drive catering trucks packed with food and a range of equipment including ovens, gas and water to each Unit Base for filming.

Works closely with the Director and Producer to understand requirements, suggests artists for each role, as well as arranging and conducting interviews and auditions.

Stills Photographers usually work on set, recording scenes from the film, but they may also be required to set up photographs in the style of the film in a studio environment.

Visualises stories using sketches on paper. Quick pencil drawings and marker renderings are two of the most common traditional techniques, although nowadays Flash, Photoshop and specialist storyboard software applications are being used more often.

Provides first aid cover and primary healthcare to the cast and crew on a film production. This includes ensuring that people are looking after their own health.

Responsible for Unit press and the publicity budget set by Producers. Work on a freelance basis, and are hired only for the duration of each shoot, although may also be employed to handle distribution publicity in the run-up to the film’s release.

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